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The Price Fund

A Lauren Daigle Foundation - EST 2017

Growing up near New Orleans, Lauren quickly learned that no one is a stranger; her home has always had an open door. Her family would welcome in those in need and neighbors alike. For Lauren, this created a value of diversity and an understanding of humanity’s uniqueness. Because of this, she founded The Price Fund to honor and memorialize her grandfather who taught her how to love the world one relationship at a time.

Lauren’s mission is to instill hope and love among all people, no matter their background. She invests time into people and actively works to heal wounds and injustices experienced by others.

At its core, the Price Fund is designed to establish care for children, elderly, and those in need around the world through communal initiatives and outreach.

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Growing up in Louisiana, you never meet a stranger. My community means everything to me, and it is always growing. From the people who gather around the kitchen table for coffee to friends who feel like family, a neighbor you can ask to borrow sugar, even someone new you run into on the street. I love the welcoming spirit of my home state!

I also love what I do. Singing and performing fills me up, unlike anything else! You don’t always get to see all the work behind-the-scenes that happens every day: designing album art, making countless decisions about how a tour will look and feel, finding great partners for The Price Fund, even working on new music! ;-)

When dreaming up an online community, I wanted to connect with y’all in an authentic way to who I am while sharing unprecedented access to everything that is happening on Team LD.

Since we do everything with pizzazz in Louisiana, the name had to have a little cajun flare. It was inspired by beloved New Orleans and the groups or krewes that create the vibrant floats and parades of Mardi Gras.

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